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Do you agree that there is a crisis caused by an overpriced and elitist education?

We started this site from the idea that the world of technology should be, not only in the hands of the rich and priviledged, as well as the so called geeks, nerds, savvys, hackers, etc., but also in the hands of the regular people that know how to use their hands and tools, but don't have the degree or money to access paid knowledge. One can enter the world of makers starting with nuts and bolts, eventually begin to discover how to use the settings and programs, and be able to design and share projects with others.  This should be like going through the back door of technology and open new sources of knowledge. Every science has its own back door. Today we count with free and new technological platforms that help us to become incredible makers with very low expenses.

 Are you an educator?

Please participate with your ideas for free education that we promote on this site. All suggestions will be welcome and put into practice.

We need your input!




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Victor Rodas

Students become prey of an elitist and unfair financial system.

The Good Robots is a site that aims to put within reach of anyone tutorials of Robotics, drones, 3D printers, electric bikes, useful hacks, etc., with the purpose of discovering skills and to empower young and adults that requiere free, selfless and determined assistance, by taking advantage of Open Sources promoted by scientists and educators around the world. Without this type of aid many could not get this kind of knowledge due to the difficulty in doing so at universities and tech institutes which nowadays are dependents of the current financial system and also have a compromised way of teaching.

Tecnological knowledge in the traditional education requires first and foremost, that the students reach university age with high grades, and a lot of money, as requirements to be accepted into the University of choice.  Also, for the less fortunate, this education requires a big  financial commitment with a banking system that specializes in making loans to young people, to cover the exaggerated and unfair costs of education today.

University and Tech students of today become lifetime prey of banks.

Our inspiration is Nikola Tesla, discoverer and inventor of Alternate Electric Current and its sources; philanthropist and dreamer whom we owe great breakthroughs to, including the principles of WiFi.

Nikola Tesla was made to dissappear by the political and business leaders of his time because his dream was to provide Free Energy to the world.

We and thousands of people around the world not only recognize the genius of Tesla but also believe that education should be free for all.

Robotic Drone build with few money, no engineering knowledge but with a lot of patience. It has been highly recognized by engineers and makers from around the world.

IMOOV is an Open Source robot. Let's make a team to build it!